Sleeping on the Edge!

Ten days ago I was enjoying a five day treat away at Center Parc’s Whinefell, Penrith and having a lovely time. The forecast did not sound good but I’ve never been one for living by weather forecasts anyway.  Despite the forecast, the days were sunny, and sky slightly overcast but only the one day when we had a light shower.  We arrived at Center Parc’s around 2pm on Monday and took our two dogs  Susie and Chester for a walk up to the village.  Bob was left to unload the car and return the car back to parking area.  sheila and  I managed to get lost our way back  from the village. By the time we arrived back at the lodge, Bob was finished unpacking and looking pretty fed up having been left to do everything.

Having made the booking online, we noticed a good few of the days were fully booked.  So we were unable to stretch our activities over five days.  Due to this, our  activities were mainly over three days. This meant we wouldn’t have a great deal of time between each activity to get back to walk the dogs in between. However, we  took it all in our stride including having a spot of lunch. The Cafe Rouge was our first-night dining out which was quite pleasant, the Cocktails were quite large but very tasty.  On Tuesday morning was the Geocache which we were all looking forward to. This caused a mixture of feelings as we thought there would be a group of us but this was not the case. We really enjoyed it just the same.. In the afternoon we did the Treasure Hunt on our bicycles and we were all over the place looking for clues. Despite a heavy shower, we completed it albeit a bit wet. When we returned with our results we learned we had won the Geocache. 1st Prize Game of Ten Pin Bowling.  It was not hard to do considering we were the only team. Later that evening  we went out for an Indian dinner in the evening.

On Wednesday morning  our first class was the Hula Hoop session. Now I haven’t tried Hula Hoop since junior school days and that wasn’t yesterday or the day before.. It wasn’t very easy but Sheila showed us how it was done and she did some impressive steps.  Next class was Bollywood dancing, followed by  Lavender Relaxation. We felt as though it was never going to stop but it was great fun.  In between, we cycled back to exercise our dogs  and have a bite of lunch which Sheila prepared earlier. Bob had Pseudo Gout in his big toe but despite his pain, we didn’t hear a peep out of him.Bless him.  Bob cycled everywhere and this made his life so much easier. The days seemed to fly by and by Thursday it was our Aerobic’s class first,  followed by Pilates but we had forty-five minutes in hand and so we headed back to the lodge for an early lunch and walk the dogs. We had no sooner eaten before we were off on our bicycles to do Pilates.

At the end of the path were two gates staggered across the path, not unlike the rest but these were much closer. As I cycled along I didn’t realize how close they were together and as I cycled through the last gate lost my balance and down I went onto the timber fencing. Knocking myself completely out of breath. I managed to get myself pulled around and back on my bicycle in time to continue to the next class which was Pilates. I actually was feeling numb by this time but continued with the exercise. After class I managed to cycle back to the lodge but I was feeling a little stiff. Sheila was booked in for the Treetop climb in the afternoon and I wanted to watch her going around. By the time I reached the  the climbing area I was feeling a little cold and shivery  and took a seat in the hut whilst Sheila prepared for her climb. I explained the incident that morning and one of the attendants suggested I  go via taxi to the Health Centre, but on arrival they suggested I go on to Penrith Hospital.  After an examination, The Dr suggested I had strained my ribs and back. I was advised to take medication and take things easy. As the evening drew close, I was reminded  of the Showtime Dance and Singing of the 60’s evening. By this time I was beginning to struggle with the cycling but we managed to arrive in time. We were amazed at how good these young singers and dancers were. They never stopped and had everyone joining in dancing and singing. It was a great night.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

As we made our way back to the lodge I was beginning to feel sore and pushed my bike back to the lodge. As we were leaving the next day we spent  what was left of the evening packing. as we were to vacate the lodge by 1000 hrs Friday morning. I couldn’t get on my bicycle and so I walked up to the village to go swimming as I thought the swimming would help ease my back and ribs.  We had lunch at the Italian Restaurant which was excellent and shortly afterward we drove home. On arrival home, I could barely get into bed let alone lie in it, so spent my first night sleeping on the edge. Great holiday and no regrets!