90 Day Detox with Celery

For some time now I have been following Anthony Williams with his book Medical Medium, Thyroid Healing and his most recent book Liver Rescue. Each morning before anything else you carry out a celery detox for ninety days.  You need a bunch of fresh celery, (organic) if possible and add 16 fl oz of water. Sounds awful, doesn’t it?
I am sure that most of you make a face thinking about it and I must say you were not alone as I too felt the same. I have never liked the taste of celery in any form let alone first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and before consuming anything else. Regardless if it helps to clean our systems. However, something inside of me urged me to pay attention. So a few months ago I purchased my first pack of celery which turned my stomach immediately just smelling it in its wrapper made me feel nauseous. This bunch of celery lay on the fridge shelf until I threw it in the bin.
According to Anthony, he says, “You should buy whole celery and wash it, chop it up and then pour 16 fl oz water, blend them together through a juicer.” Well, I don’t have one, and so I improvised as you will see as you go along.
I told myself not to be pathetic after all no-one likes taking medication, but they do as it says on the label. So, I decided to give it another go. I followed the recipe the following morning and made up my first batch. It didn’t look satisfying as I poured the liquidated mixture into a glass. I swallowed the juices while chewing my way through the rest of the content, it was much worse than I had imagined. Ugh, I thought as I re-read the recipe.  I had missed out one factor which I was meant to include and had not. This was putting the juice and celery through a sieve and then drinking it. So, next morning I tried again but really struggled to drink it all it down. The following morning I couldn’t bring myself to making it let alone drinking it. This continued until three weeks ago when I decided to try a different method.
I decided that if I changed my attitude towards this celery detox, surely it would help me. So, the following morning I took a leaf out of Louise Hay’s book of affirmations and made up a short message of my own. Each day I told myself,  “Today, I will make this delicious celery drink to help cleanse my body,” Throughout my day I repeated this phrase as many times as I could. The following day it still tasted awful. However, I continued with my affirmations and although I didn’t notice any difference at the time I did have a different approach to the whole situation especially since I have stuck with it all.
According to Anthony Williams recipe, I believe in what he says and the ideas of eating from mother earth. So, one morning I picked three stems of celery, 2 stalks of Asparagus and added an apple then filled the juice maker with 16 fl oz of water. Once contents were liquidated I put it through a sieve and squeezed the juice out of the pulp, then I poured it into a glass. I sat down and tasted it and I am happy to say it was quite pleasant.  Now although I started with a mixture of ingredients, I now have it down to 4 stems of Celery and half an apple, I am enjoying it. More importantly, I feel so much better in myself, I had a health problem earlier in the year which the Doctor said would very likely return. She was correct it started again in October. Since drinking the celery juice, my problem has disappeared. I feel so much better and have more energy which keeps me going most of my day.
I recently read in one of his books that if you’re struggling with having celery juice in the early stages. Perhaps you should try adding an apple to give it a sweeter taste. Once your taste buds get used to the drink, you will be able to drink celery juice much better. Today, I had my first bunch of celery with half an apple. Baby steps are all it takes. 

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