January Update 2017

January Summary 2017

The Chakra Wisdom Cards –  Life Purpose Divination.
Today, Friday 20 January 2017. 2108

I thought as I am already well through January,  I decided to do a short reading for the rest of this week. While shuffling the deck of cards, four cards slipped out. I felt these four card were important enough to use for this actual reading. So let us us begin  and see how they reveal themselves over this coming week. The cards chosen were taken from The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Pack.

First Card:  Completion (in reverse) Final Sunset.                                                     This tells me I have been allowing myself to dwell on things which needed to be addressed. This has been weakening my energies. In our second chakra we learn to master our own emotional discipline and if we wish to master manifesting our intentions and experiences. We must also learn to steer our emotional ships through raging seas. This first card is reversed, I feel that I have until now been holding onto situations or people from my past and this has been having a draining effect on my energies. Due to family commitments I have also been feeling alone. Also trapped in various ways ending up giving in and avoiding commitments in my daily life. In the past twelve months despite my feeling of knowing I must think forward and live in the moment. I must also acknowledge who I am and allow myself time to heal.

My second card which fell out in reverse is Perfection (Righteous Raspberry)       This in the dawn position. It is connected to the 1st Root Chakra – Red. This is where we source our energy from and build our foundation. It is our platform from which we grow our roots and build our future. Here I am being shown that although I have not always been in a good place, there was always a way out had I just looked up to see it. The situation holding me still was nothing more than a resting period. A time say good bye and release the pain and tears allowing myself to grieve. To forgive and let go. Moving on with an open heart.

Card 3 Vanity “Aqua people” (Reversed)     5th Chakra  Blue                                         Finding the way of expressing ones self. In this card I must ask myself if I’m restricting my life and not pushing forward to go out into the sunshine. Should I just stay sitting on the fence, watching my life go by? Or should I get out there and accept all invitations and start to live my truth. Making myself available around people who are light-minded and full of positive attitude and laughter.

Fourth Card 4 Workaholic  Brad Blueberry(Reversed)                                               5th Chakra – Communication. Always working never taking time to see life from a better angle. Am I allowing myself to change at this present time. Always working. It is time to put your life in order. Removing clutter from my life and home. Making space for things to grow. Allowing sunshine in and taking time to love myself and others.