Living with your dog in perfect harmony!


I have always been interested in all kinds of training for dogs, mainly to see what sort of training is out there.  I have had dogs most of my life and looking around it is interesting just how many types of training there is out there. I have never seen so many different forms of training as we see now.  My ex-husband used to train collies to work on the farm to herd sheep and cattle. I noticed, that whilst watching him, out with young pups and older dogs he always had complete control over them and they listened to every word he said. In fact, as his young dogs grew stronger and began working with older dogs he used a whistle which went under his tongue and was high frequency. He never gave his dogs treats, and when he was out on the hill, his dogs worked with him, regardless of weather, hail sleet or snow, those dogs would have followed him to the end of the world. This made me think and question why people nowadays give treats to their dogs to keep them near, stop them jumping up, and so many other reasons.

Today I received a message in my inbox, which read; Doggy Dan, The Easy Way To An Obedient Dog! This got me thinking and made me question why people nowadays give treats to their dogs to keep them near, stop them jumping up, and so many other reasons.  I opened the email out of curiosity, to begin with, and having read through it all it rang a bell in my head. Doggy Dan and his form of training seemed pretty well worth looking into as it was the training which we used up on the farm. I signed up for it once again I was informed I would receive a four-day course with videos. This course is about your dog learning to follow and listen to you. Once he realizes that you are the pack leader he will be happy to follow and obey you.  This sounded very interesting and so I read on. Doggy Dan trains dogs and has been for a number of years. In his courses of four videos, he explains how using treats is not a good way to train your dog. If your dog chooses to follow you then he will listen to what you have to say. This course of training is very reasonable and you should have your pet responding to the way you speak to him.

Check out his link  Doggie Dan You might be glad you did.

I would like to add that I am not an affiliate for this training and will make no money out of putting it on my post. I only thought that Doggy Dan sounded very genuine.

Healing Therapy for Dogs

Today I want to share an experience I’ve had using energy healing with animals to highlight the benefits and potential healing qualities using an alternative therapy.

I received a phone call from Ray Byrd who had Huskies. They were a team and competed in dog sledding events. He had five Huskies and Tai was his leading dog. One day, he noticed that each time he took the team out training Tai was not interested in running with the team. He was also aware that Tai’s temperament had also changed. In a short time, his dog began losing weight. Ray changed Tai’s food but noticed him not being interested in eating. Ray was very concerned about Tai, as he had always loved being in the team. The vet did tests but nothing showed up. Tai became lethargic and tense when awake. Ray tried everything and nothing worked.  He feared his top trial husky may have to be put to sleep. Ray heard about me through his friend and he phoned me.

On my first visit, I was not sure how his dog would receive me as Ray said Tai’s temperament had changed and due to him being nervous of strangers he wasn’t sure how his dog would behave. I went into the house and sat down on the sofa. Ray explained about his dog and mentioned that Tai may not come near me at all. I chatted with Ray’s wife and within ten minutes of being there Tai jumped onto my knee, and within a short time he was fast asleep. Both Ray and his wife couldn’t believe their eyes. I worked with his energy while he was asleep. After approximately 35 minutes Tai woke up and went into the kitchen. Ray, gave me a cup of coffee and when I finished drinking it, I asked them to keep me in touch and he agreed.

I visited him a second time and they had noticed a good improvement. I gave him his second healing and once again to let me know how he was. It was about a month later when Ray called me back. He phoned to say that Tai was back to eating and was beginning to put his weight back on. His attitude was back, too and he was enjoying going out with the pack.

Each living thing is made up of energy and using healing therapy can help assist with blocked or stagnant energy. Using energy healing with any animal can assist with moving and clearing the energy that may be affecting the animal’s mood or behaviors.

Don’t be afraid to try new therapies to help your pet’s well-being.

Susie’s Day at Hartford Court


We took Susie, to visit a local Care home in Cramlington today, partially, as my father resides there but also it gives the residents a chance to enjoy her company too. As soon as we walk through the doors, the residence began to appear and sit down in the lounge. They asked lots of questions about Susie, they then told us about their dogs and how much they loved and miss them. The quiet blank faces seemed to light up and come alive. so lovely to observe. We were there only a short time before parting to take my father to the beach at Seaton Sluice. Once again the sun was shining but even with a cool breeze it was lovely walking with both father and Susie, after all, Susie belongs to him. Humping wheel chairs in and out of the car can be a little tedious but we managed and our trip out was good. We parked the car,  pulled out the wheelchair and managed to get him into it and off we headed for the Kings Arms on the harbor.  We had a delicious lunch; father, had a half pint John Smith, and  Susie and I  had fresh water.  We later headed back along towards the car park again.  You don’t realize how heavy elderly people are until they are in a wheelchair. We later returned to the care home to drop my father off and as we walked through the doors again. The resident’s face’s all lit up once more. It was so good watching them making contact and enjoying the dog’s company, as Susie equally enjoyed being stroked and lay on her back for the full treatment. It turned out a good afternoon for everyone.

January Update 2017

January Summary 2017

The Chakra Wisdom Cards –  Life Purpose Divination.
Today, Friday 20 January 2017. 2108

I thought as I am already well through January,  I decided to do a short reading for the rest of this week. While shuffling the deck of cards, four cards slipped out. I felt these four card were important enough to use for this actual reading. So let us us begin  and see how they reveal themselves over this coming week. The cards chosen were taken from The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Pack.

First Card:  Completion (in reverse) Final Sunset.                                                     This tells me I have been allowing myself to dwell on things which needed to be addressed. This has been weakening my energies. In our second chakra we learn to master our own emotional discipline and if we wish to master manifesting our intentions and experiences. We must also learn to steer our emotional ships through raging seas. This first card is reversed, I feel that I have until now been holding onto situations or people from my past and this has been having a draining effect on my energies. Due to family commitments I have also been feeling alone. Also trapped in various ways ending up giving in and avoiding commitments in my daily life. In the past twelve months despite my feeling of knowing I must think forward and live in the moment. I must also acknowledge who I am and allow myself time to heal.

My second card which fell out in reverse is Perfection (Righteous Raspberry)       This in the dawn position. It is connected to the 1st Root Chakra – Red. This is where we source our energy from and build our foundation. It is our platform from which we grow our roots and build our future. Here I am being shown that although I have not always been in a good place, there was always a way out had I just looked up to see it. The situation holding me still was nothing more than a resting period. A time say good bye and release the pain and tears allowing myself to grieve. To forgive and let go. Moving on with an open heart.

Card 3 Vanity “Aqua people” (Reversed)     5th Chakra  Blue                                         Finding the way of expressing ones self. In this card I must ask myself if I’m restricting my life and not pushing forward to go out into the sunshine. Should I just stay sitting on the fence, watching my life go by? Or should I get out there and accept all invitations and start to live my truth. Making myself available around people who are light-minded and full of positive attitude and laughter.

Fourth Card 4 Workaholic  Brad Blueberry(Reversed)                                               5th Chakra – Communication. Always working never taking time to see life from a better angle. Am I allowing myself to change at this present time. Always working. It is time to put your life in order. Removing clutter from my life and home. Making space for things to grow. Allowing sunshine in and taking time to love myself and others.



We are  all aware of the magic of rainbows but I wonder how many of us have been at the end of one or been close enough to one? There seem to be far more over the years than there used to be. I recently had an experience which I would like to share and perhaps some of you have experienced something similar, in which case I would love to hear.

I was driving up the A1 motorway one day last week around nine am. It was a bright sunny morning and as I drove along the sky was clear. Then I noticed the rainbow which looked as though it was straddled across the dual-carriageway. At first I thought I was dreaming. How often in our lives do we see rainbows so close, and the colours red, orange, yellow and green to the right of the dual carriageway and blue, purple and violet so bright to the left of the dual carriageway? The road ahead as I drove onward was dark grey colour. It was one of those times when you want to stop and take a picture and you realise you have left your camera in the boot.. Well on this occasion my hands were full and too much traffic to pull over. So I continued through this darkness, as raindrops bounced off the bonnet of my car like hail stones but the size of five pence pieces. I was almost at my destination when the sky became brighter as though I had come out of the other side..

I later learned that in Colorado Springs double rainbows  are regularly seen in the skies.



Who I am and why I’m here

Blogging 101

Welcome,  everyone!

Ann here and I’m thrilled that you have found my post. First I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little about me.  My home is in North-East England, United Kingdom which is close to Newcastle where I was born. My parents were also british and we were a small family with only my sister and myself. My mother past away in December 2006, my sister lives abroad coming home every so often to visit my father who is ninety-two and now living in a nursing home. I am a single mum but my daughter is now all grown up and living in south-west England.

At a young age I had Meningitis and later suffered from an Essential Tremor. I was nine years old when I first took ill and I am now sixty-four but despite struggling with shaky hands and body I still managed to run a business. Thank goodness for keyboards as they help to keep my fingers active. I have never allowed my disability to take over my life.

I drive a Ford Focus Ghia which I love to take my dogs out in, when we go for walks along the beach . My interests included animals which involve my daughter’s very beautiful 24 year old thoroughbred gelding Alf whom I adore. Also my red and white king charles spaniel, susie. I have plenty of ideas which I love doing throughout my life and felt it was time to look into these in more detail.  I am a keen gardener and I completed a garden design & landscaping course. I have worked in some of the most beautiful gardens which open to the public. . My other interests were reading tarot, attending a number of psychic fairs, giving readings and healings to people and animals. I also love to write poetry and I have written some short stories although I haven’t written or published any recently.

The Quartz Rose

I’d like to tell you a little about “The Quartz Rose,” and what it will be about. I first started this blog three  years ago and I am ashamed to tell you it has never gotten past the starting post. I loved the name the Quartz Rose despite not being sure what I would do with it ( I guess that may sound silly.) At the time it stood for all that I was then. During the past nine months I took a course and I am now a facilitator for that course which I intend to offer to anyone who is interested in finding their Life Purpose.

When I first came on the internet I was running my own Floristry Business which I dearly loved. Making floral arrangements and actually just working amongst so many beautiful flowers. This  allowed me to be creative in so many ways as well as very rewarding. I was in my element playing this role whilst meeting so many interesting people but the younger generation were bringing such awesome ideas in fresh modern designs it was time for me to call it a day and so I finally closed my business earlier this year.

Since then I have been drawn into areas which have helped encourage me to see where my true path lies. I have resolved many issues and blocks, uncovered hidden memories, removed all inhibitions  and now I’m beginning to truly live a life which I thought had almost impossible. I’m helping others to live their lives, whilst loving and enjoying themselves in the process as they uncover  their direction and inner child. I have spent many months soul searching, not sure where I was going but feeling as though I am here for a reason to do something?

Over the past few years I have been unsettled and not quite sure where I was going or what I actually wanted. However after searching high and low I believe I am where I am meant to be in this moment!