It’s 5 o clock,
On a chilly, frosty morn,
When you’re up soon, at the crack of dawn.
When you slip into wellies without warming them before.
Pulling on a jacket as you’re running out the door.

You jump into your vehicle, turn the key and start the car.
Feeds are ready waiting as you reach the stable door.
Watching teeth on entering and hoofs on your return.
Wondering how this day will go, up until the end.

News of extra helpers is written on the board
Two extra riders would help a little more.
A rider for each horse, we have, who could ask for more?
Now everything is ready, in time before we go.

It’s getting much lighter, as you, hear the Town Clock Call,
It’s already gone 0730 and my, how time has flown.
You’re warmer now, through working, A jacket will do fine
All tacked up and organized, “Goodness, we’re on time!’

First of all, comes Jamie, a tall and handsome chap,
He says he’s ridden many years and has hunted come to that!
“Here’s your horse Jamie, Grand Slam is his name.
He’s all tacked up and set to go. So, just mount up when you’re ready.”

 Next to arrive is Miriam, a friend of the boss.
She seems a little nervous so you give her a nice wee horse.
“Little Joe” is his name but he’s not so very small, 17.3 you happen to say
But a very steady wee horse.

Now, everyone is mounted and their steeds are keen to go,
Little Joe likes to take the lead, you know he’ll take things slow.
They hack along the driveway and down to the front gate
Trotting on now as they go and across towards the lake.

On past the lake towards the woods they canter on together.
These trodden paths have well been used by creatures
of the nighttime woods. When night-time animals sleep at dawn,
daylight hours bring a fresh new morn.

They’re cantering on now there they go, at a steady speed
where branches are low. When up around the bend comes Miriam,
Chatting freely alongside Jamie. They couldn’t  see far ahead
Up towards the woodland’s edge, there lies in wait a huge spider’s web!

Onwards and upwards they canter on enjoying their time together,
The spider’s web is hard to see as it’s been draped up high between two trees
It stretches wide on either side,
you couldn’t miss it if you tried.

Miriam didn’t see that cobweb, hanging up ahead,
She didn’t see it hanging in her path.
She never dreamt things, could happen as they did,
As the web wraps itself around her like a glove.

The air is getting warmer and the time is moving on
Miriam has pulled herself together and Jamie helps her get back on.
Everyone is struggling to keep a serious face, but unfortunately,
these things do happen if you do not concentrate.

Now they’re on their homeward bound and everyone alright.
Miriam’s, face now, massaged, is looking nice and bright.
She’s happily recovering and is now laughing about it too.
Everyone’s seen the funny side of an early morning ride

When the horses have been put away,
Wrapped in rugs, and fed nice clean hay,
It’s time to put their tack away
And have a cup of coffee!


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